Thursday, February 21, 2008

baked goods

While knitting, and crafting in general, had taken a backseat to all the beautiful, long-lasting and only slightly dented IKEA pieces needing to be built, I think my brand new Boston Back Bay apartment is finally set-up enough to welcome a crafty atmosphere. There are multiple projects in various states of unfinished-ness, but instead I decided to start some new and fabulous baked goods.

Yup. I've been whipping up a storm with plenty of cupcake frosting to go around.

I found a great pattern for cupcakes in One Skein (by Leigh Radford, Interweave Press 2006), modeled after the Anthropologie cover a few years back. The icing topping knits SO FAST - under 10 minutes! - that I already have four tops and counting. I still need to start the base "papers", but it reads as though they shouldn't take too much longer. It's already been a great way to get rid of extra yarn, as all I've bought so far is the novelty fluffy stuff to make the top softer and less knitted-looking.

I figure these cute little things will be a nice homemade touch to all my streamlined antiques and IKEA pieces. I just hope no one tries to eat them..


elisabeth said...

So cute! Glad to see you're settling in.

ZDogg said...

Hey sister if you want one of those shirts and promise to wear it I will mail it on monday. I am mailin' two to my boy on the left coast on moday anyway. Check? Only ten bucks and four of it goes to PP. Doubts? should alleviate those. .