Sunday, January 13, 2008

Do Something Cool

We make things. And they are cool.

I'm currently buried in lots of knitting. Today, I got some sock yarn for my birthday. I've never made socks, or used double-pointed needles, so I started a practice pair this afternoon.

I worked the first 1 1/2 inches in a knit1, purl1 rib, and now I'm working the main part of the sock in a k3, p1 ribbing. This sock matches my cat.

Progress so far:

Other knitting projects, currently:

A bright blue scarf (Manos del Uruguay yarn, French Blue #60) started at San Francisco Int'l Airport on a 2-hour delay, without enough yarn to finish it.

A cardigan that I haven't gotten the gauge right for, partly because I need to try the needles that are currently occupied with said scarf.

The beautiful striped tube/sweater/skirt/top/who knows in the round that I started years ago and don't know how I'll finish.

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